How To Start A Song | 1 Powerful Guide

How To Start A Song | 3 Easy Ideas to Write Lyrics

There are different ways how to start a song. One is to clap your hands in joy and move and shake about. Another approach may be more operatic taking up song like a bird or lion. 

Whether you take a rhythmic or melodic approach. Where will you find harmony?

It may be a tone or a sequence. You will be expressing your highest self and what you resonate with.

You must convey a character in the story that you create. You must suspend the audience in an infinite moment of disbelief.

How To Establish Rhythmic Roots?

How to Start A Song - How To Establish Rhythmic Roots?

Rhythm is everything based on vibrations everything can be perceived as rhythmic. Tap away at a beat that makes sense to you. A beat you would like to hear repeat.

Thus you will be able to reverberate on a frequency that feels comfortable and that will make others feel comfortable.

If you are going for a particular concept or idea, express it in the rhythm. What would that sound like?

What mood are we setting? Upbeat or romantic? Time to sway or time for the kill?

Why Melody Is Key?

How to start a Song Why is Melody Is Key?

A little tune might express exactly what you are thinking and where the mood is at. A little melody may paint the setting.

Where is beauty manifesting itself right now?

Is it in nature, human beings, beautiful concepts or far away islands?

Focus on that beauty. Beauty is the source for great Art. 

Should there be Harmony always?

How to start a Song Should there be Harmony always

Much like you must vibrate at the right place, with the right people, so important will the chords you place in your song. 

These mandalas or precise equations have resonance with the inner workings of your being.

Dwell on those chords that make you feel the happiest or make you feel something awe inspiring.

How to Choose Your Instrument?

How to start a Song How to Choose Your Instrument

Will it be your beautiful human voice, percussive, traditional or modern?

Does your Instrument eco the cultural movement you are in imbuing?

The instrument will be the portal between this world and the magical connection you are claiming in the other realms. 

Is it true that Good Art Copies, Great Art Steals?

How To Start A Song Good Copies Great Art Steals

Be boisterous around the Genre of music you will be taking over. If you are serious about making it good you must be at the spearhead of the movement. For this you will claim inspiration from predecessors. 

If you steal from enough sources, you may come up with something strikes a familiar note in the audience, whilst taking them somewhere new and exciting.

How Great Poetry Inspires – Writing Lyrics

How Great Poetry Inspires - Writing Lyrics

Choosing words carefully. Synthesis is the key. What are the closest words to express those feelings?

Here are three easy ideas to get you started on your way to write great lyrics:

  • Onomatopoeias are your closest friends. Many syllables can be broken down and remember that everything is perceived at the smallest instant timescale. For this syllables may seem relatively like long periods on occasions. Choose your syllables wisely.
  • Rasta compositors in Jamaica only use positive syllables. For instance “Rise In Love” replaces “Fall In Love”. “Up” replaces “Down”.
  • Choose words that paint a picture but sound pleasant. Remember vowels are easier to sing and certain consonants can be used for dramatic emphasis.

Can Everybody Learn How To Start A Song?

How To Start A Song is easy remember this. Reflect a mood and go from there. Learn about the major, minor and variety of chords. Learn Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do

Learn A B C D E F G

# sharp   b  flat 

Learn from different musical traditions. 

Start with a title. Write down thirty or forty different words or phrases.

What Are The Steps for Writing a Song?

Whether you’re writing songs to pitch to music publishers, TV shows, commercials, dance clubs, or your own release, this songwriting method will get it done. How to start a Song begins here.

  • Write down a title
  • Make a list of questions suggested by the title
  • Choose a song structure – Intro Verse Bridge Chorus Outro… you can play around with these elements
  • Choose one question to answer in the chorus and one for each verse
  • Find the melody in your lyric
  • Begin to add chords to your chorus melody
  • Work on the lyric in your first verse
  • Connect your verse and chorus.
  • Build second verse and bridge
  • Record Song

Where next after music?

Knowing how to start a song is going to be really handy if you want to know how to start a micronation; you’re going to need a national anthem right? There are a ton of places being able to knock up a tune can take you, how about the People’s Republic of You?