How to start a new career on fifa 14

How to Start a New Career on Fifa 14

Let’s talk how to start a new career on Fifa 14. There are lots of career choices you can make in life – such as how to become a millionaire in your teens but for some, they want to keep it virtual. Here’s our guide to winning the Jules Rimet Trophy.

Without any doubt, FIFA 14 is a great soccer game that brings decades of experience together to create one of the most entertaining and downright addictive games online. Building a career in it and continuing the journey through is a great opportunity.

If you are wondering how to start a new career on Fifa 14, then for you we’ve rounded up the following tips.


How to start a new career on Fifa 14 as a manager

The journey as a manager begins after choosing the manager option in the career mode. This mode helps you to train, buy, sell, scout different players around the globe and to fulfill the goals set out by the club directors. 

How to start a new career on fifa 14 as a manager
How To Start a Career on Fifa 14 as a Manager

The next thing you need to do is to select the club you want to manage. Choose your favorite club or you can look for various clubs of different leagues, based on their ratings . The teams having higher ratings are likely to have highly rated players. You can either choose to lead a strong club or you can take the challenge to lead a small club to it’s glory. As quoted by the special one: 

Coaching is taking a player where they cannot take themselves

Jose Mourinho

Setting up your preferences

Next comes the settings of a career mode, where you can choose the length and the difficulty level of the matches. Financial discipline and the currency for your transaction are also to be set here. Another option you have is that of switching off/on the first summer window and European cups. If you turn on first summer window, you will be able to sell or buy players in the first window.

On the other hand, if the window is turned off then you cannot sell, bid, or release players from your club. Therefore the same goes for European cups, if you turn it on then you can play for European tournaments, based on the position your team had the previous season. If your club did not qualify for any European tournament then you can manually select the preferred tournament for you.

Creating your identity as a manager

After that, you can build the personality of the manager.

You can set the name and surname, nationality and also the style and colour of clothes and the basic looks. After confirming this phase you will reach the main manager menu where all the functions and actions as a boss are displayed.

Building Strength in the Fifa 14 Squad

How to build strength in your fifa 14 squad

Here you can choose the basic eleven players along with reserves, the formation and the tactics given in a match. You can also assign a certain player to perform a certain role. You should choose your squad according to their rating and based on their morale, which is indicated above their name.

During match-days you can either simulate a match or you can yourself play the match. To be successful you should choose good defenders.

“Attack wins you games, defence wins you titles”.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Global Transfer Network on Fifa 14 Manager Career Mode

How to start a new career as player on Fifa 14

A new method by which you can assign scouts to search for your desired players in a specific region. You can assign multiple scouts in this talent hunt. Before assigning you can set your focusing point for your scout and to set out a maximum of 6 attributes in the player you are looking for. 

After a few weeks later they will return with results on specific players. But the information will not be in detail ,o get detailed information you have to wait to get in depth analysis of their potential.

Buying and Selling Players as a New Manager Career on Fifa 14

How to start a new career as a manager on Fifa 14

The market opens for a time before new season not more than 12 weeks and during the season only for 4 weeks. When the transfer market is open you can search for players defining such parameters like role, position, league and age or simply by their name. There are a few things you should keep in mind while enquiring for a player:

  • Age
  • Morale
  • Position & Ability
  • Form   

Then you can make an enquiry about the players. After that, the club will reply with their financial expectations. You can accept their offer or make a new offer or you can stall it.

By this window, you can also look for free agents to sign for free of cost. Most of them are a bit aged or very young. One of the secrets in knowing how to start a new career on Fifa 14, is learning to wheel and deal a little.

Managing National Teams in Fifa 14 as a Manager in a New Career

How to manage a national team in Fifa 14

The honour of leading a national team is a large privilege. You will get offers of managing a national team along with your club as you progress through the season.

That is how to start a new career on Fifa 14 as a manager. Shall we look at player mode now?

How to start a new career as a Player on Fifa 14

This mode gives you the opportunity to control a player created by you or choosing any existing player to lead him to glory. This is how to start a new career on Fifa 14 as a player guide.

You can play 12 seasons as a player. Here you will only be able to control or play with a singular player during matches. This gives you the opportunity to experience a priceless journey through a glorified career.

Starting a new career on Fifa as a player
How to start a new career on FIFA 14 as a player

The process of creating a new player avatar is really easy all you have  to do is to set out the looks, physical attributes, position, and the characteristics of the player. Here you can choose which club you want to start your career with.

On the other hand by choosing an existing player you will get the chance to play the career of a existing player in their certain club.

Actions to be taken by ‘My Pro’

While playing in as a player you will have 3 main tabs open on  central tab you can see they are:

  • Request Transfer
  • Request Loan
  • Retire

Try to fulfill your objectives

The objectives of the player are also set out in the main menu. If you fulfil them the manager and overall the board will be satisfied with you. If you don’t then your rating will decrease. We know you want to know how to start a new career on FIFA 14 as a player, but we want to help you avoid ending it too.

Reactions on the Field

in game
How to Start a New Career on FIFA 14 as a baller 😉

If you are an outfield player then during a match you have various actions to make. You can request teammates  to pass the ball to you. You should maintain your position to your assigned area. You can show your skills and score goals for your team .

  • You should try and follow the directions assigned to you by your manager.
  •  Try to maintain a  clean image and try not to get booked during matches.
  • If your pro is getting reserved in matches then you should request for a loan and try building your career elsewhere.
  • Always try to contribute to the team and play selflessly.

Career between the Sticks

In case you are playing as a goalkeeper then there are a few things that you should bear in mind. Positioning as a goalkeeper should be precise. You can receive higher grades by making more interventions. You can also head out for corner to your opponents goal post during emergency. To avoid easy mistakes you should remain ready and focused & try to keep as much clean sheets as possible.

goal keeper
How to start a new career on FIFA 14 as a Goalkeeper/Lunatic

Summing Up

A good story is what everyone wants, and FIFA’s career mode has always been great at creating those. There is no better tale than taking a team from the very bottom to all the way up to the top in a “road to glory” career. Take a dive into the deep ocean of FIFA and build your own legacy.

That’s it, that’s how you start a new career on FIFA 14.