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How to Start a Cult | Be bigger than Jesus FAST

How to start a cult in a way that avoids being shot by the ATF is today’s fun topic.

“I’ve been involved in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower. But you make more money as a leader.”

  • Creed Bratton, NBC’s The Office

So you’ve decided to start a cult. Congratulations! The hardest part of starting any new endeavor is the decision to get started. Now it’s time for you to put in the creative energy of beginning the next great worldwide movement!

Before we cut right in, some recommended material on the topic include:

As a cult leader, you will wear many hats. You will need a good bit of entrepreneurial leadership, an eye for creative branding, and a knack for landing a sale. With the right spirit, careful planning, (and a bit of luck), you could set yourself up well to lead the cult of your dreams.

Here are five steps to starting the cult of your dreams. If you want another type of power – check out our guide to starting a career in politics:

How to Start a Cult for 2020

How to start a cult – the easy way

Define your goals

Simply having a group of followers does not a cult make. Before you start finding faithful followers, you will need to sit down and land on your cult’s specific goals. Your goals will help you develop a metric for measuring success and growth.
Consider asking yourself the following questions alongside, simply ‘how to start a cult’:
●     What kind of cult do I want to lead? Ideological? Political? Religious?
●     Will my cult be hidden and private, or in the public eye?
●     How many followers will be enough for my cult to really thrive?
●     Will I develop an apprentice or second-in-command, or will I rule with an iron fist?
●     What is my ideology? Will I create a doctrine or dogma?
By putting your goals in writing, you will lay the framework for developing a guiding light for your new movement.

Land on your brand

how to start a cult

Once you’ve landed on your goals, you would do well to start thinking about your cult’s branding and marketing.
Wait, my cult needs a brand?
Absolutely! Any group worth their weight needs to have a marketable brand identity that captures your mission and passion. A great place to start is with a cool cult logo – an iconic symbol that will draw the faithful and let the world know your cult is the real deal.
What will your followers wear? In order to stand out (or perhaps blend in), you will need to decide the colour scheme you want to adopt. Will you go with the Heaven’s Gate Nike feel or the simplistic, all-orange outfit of the Rajneeshees?
A brand helps develop unity and community among the members of the cult. Once you land on your branding identity, there is no limit to your creative opportunities!

Find a loyal apprentice

finding a loyal apprentice

You’ve got the mission, and you’ve got the branding. Now it’s time to find a right-hand man (or woman) to help you lay the groundwork for launching your cult. No cult leader is complete without their faithful servant who will take care of their dirty work (and grab you. a coffee after late-night rituals.)
When looking for an apprentice, make sure you do your research. While you want to find a loyal and faithful follower, an apprentice that is too bold or overconfident may usurp your leadership when it’s beneficial for them. Always keep a careful eye on your apprentice, keeping them under your thumb while giving them the freedom to take care of your dirty work and exercise your authority to cult followers.

In truth, knowing how to start a cult is more about charming people and less about the mysticism.

Build Followers

get followers for your cult

Now its time to go big or go home with your new cult. You may have a great ideology and brand, but without a group of followers, you are simply a person with a hair-brained idea. Its time to start building a crowd who will leave their old lives behind and give themselves to you and your cause entirely.
This is an excellent time to develop your cult member initiation process. From blood-oaths to new identities, you will need to build the system by which your followers become part of your movement, forsaking their old ways for the cult’s mission.

Prep Your Kool-Aid

get some kool aid for your followers

Now that you’ve got the crowd at your command, you need to set the stage for how your cult will operate. Will you spend your days in group meditation and contemplation? Does your cult take part in daily rituals or sacrifices?
To keep your followers engaged, you will need to develop a cult culture that gives everyone a reason and purpose. This will ensure that your followers will not only remain faithful to the cause, but members who “drink the kool-aid” of your cult will be your best advertisers. Give your followers a goal to reach, and you will begin to see your cult skyrocket to the realm of legendary!

Building A Successful Cult Starts With A Dream

By following the steps listed above, you can ensure that you get started on the right foot with your new cult-leader life.

With any luck, your new cult will begin to grow and thrive under your incredible leadership.

Hold firm to your goals, stay true to your brand, and build a prosperous life for your followers – before you know it, you will have started a movement that will change the world! That my loyal followers is how to start a cult.