Guest Posts – Why are you not writing for us already?

guest posts with howtostart

Guest posts > Google search. We know the feeling.

If you have a great how-to, we want to hear about it. Our site was started as a bit of fun and as a long term project. That project was about creating a hyper-focused blog covering one line of questioning: How to Start.

As people who have spent months upon months looking for guest post slots and marketing resources, we realised quickly what this could become.

If you have something to say and you can put a little thought into what you write, then we will feature you here and allow the use of reasonable back-linking

How does guest posting here help my business?

Imagine you sell SEO software or advice. Wouldn’t a post on How to start ranking better on Google, help you?

Maybe you run a clothing brand and fancy paying it forward by talking about how to start one.

Whatever your brand or business, there is a ton of ways a well-ranked guest post will help you out.

What do we ask in return for Guest Posts?

All we ask for those that want to place guest posts on our site is your site to link out to ours. By doing this, and by everyone doing this, it will grow the value of your own post. Like roots of a tree growing below the surface.

As our domain authority and page rank grows, so will the value of you having your post on it. While we are embryonic that opportunity costs you nothing more than some words and respecting the rules.

It won’t always be like that.

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