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How-to Guides for everything from the relevant to the utterly irreverant. Need to kill a few minutes? 

how-to guides for life

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How to start a new life

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How to start a prison diary

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How to start a podcast

How-to guides for how to start anything – let’s start with hello. we’re talking everything from the relevant to the irreverent. Ever wondered how to start a podcast, a letter in Spanish – or how to start a cult?

How-to Guides is the home of finding out where to begin. We founded this online how-to magazine as we used to be the kids with a new hobby every week. Now, we are just bigger kids with a new hobby each week. is the place for a new hobby idea or somewhere you can shout about what it is you’ve learned. If you want to brag about it or give someone a useful page of resources then help us become ‘How-to’ heaven.

Mason | Founder

So, if you find yourself a little bored one afternoon, make sure you bookmark us here so you can find out how to start a record label or maybe the how-to on a non profit.

Not going to beat around the bush, we started this site, while being trapped in a maze of blogs looking for ways to write about our own businesses. As marketers we know how hard it can be to find quality citations or thought leadership opportunities. If you want to write about something useful and looking for a way to shoe horn in a back-link – then contact us and find out how we can help.

And yes we know, knowing how to start a beard, probably isn’t a thought leader topic. 

Does their need to be a reason? 

When you wake up at 5 am with a toddler who wants to watch cartoons, then you really end up with some slack time. Not ready to start analysing spreadsheets, I thought I’d exercise my stupid muscle instead….

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How to start working from home Garden Rooms
Editor in Chief | Mason

How to start working from home

In this new era where working remotely has abruptly become the norm, it is particularly important to create a space where you will be comfortable working and productive. Small details can make a big difference and impact how creative, focused and efficient you can be. Here are some steps to make the perfect work space.

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How To Start A Song | 1 Powerful Guide
Editor in Chief | Mason

How To Start A Song | 3 Easy Ideas to Write Lyrics

There are different ways how to start a song. One is to clap your hands in joy and move and shake about. Another approach may be more operatic taking up song like a bird or lion.  Whether you take a rhythmic or melodic approach. Where will you find harmony? It may be a tone or

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How To Start A Fire With Sticks
Editor in Chief | Mason

How To Start A Fire With Sticks

How to start a fire with sticks? OK so you are in the middle of the jungle and forgot to bring matches or a lighter. Somehow, oddly, there is WIFI (where isn’t there nowadays?) and you manage to stumble across this article. You’re clearly going to need to also take our guide on how to

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how to start a micronation
Be Heard
Editor in Chief | Mason

How To Start A Micronation | The Bloodless Way

Now why would you be googling how to start a micronation? Could it be this reason:

Tired of living in a country under the control of some Joe Schmoe who seems to be digging you and all of your compadres into a deeper financial and sociological hole with every decision he makes?

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how to start a merchant cash advance business
Editor in Chief | Mason

How to Start a Merchant Cash Advance Business

When it comes to talking about obscure areas of how-to, how to start a merchant cash advance business may be one that takes the mantle, for now. BUT When it comes to starting a new business, I can talk about finance till the cows come home. Starting a merchant cash advance business? Easy pickings. First

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How to start a new career on fifa 14
Editor in Chief | Mason

How to Start a New Career on Fifa 14

Let’s talk how to start a new career on Fifa 14. There are lots of career choices you can make in life – such as how to become a millionaire in your teens but for some, they want to keep it virtual. Here’s our guide to winning the Jules Rimet Trophy. Without any doubt, FIFA

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how to start weaning
Editor in Chief | Mason

How to Start Weaning

How to start weaning, brought to you by someone in your shoes. Weaning can feel pretty overwhelming, not to mention emotional. But it is also exciting. Exciting as you watch your baby grow and move onto the next phase. Food. This how-to will give you some key tips on how to start weaning your little

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